Friday, February 18, 2011

Two things

Anonymous here...

First: about the picture that was texted to me.

It's of a fire.

I decided to step into the forest and do a few more protection spells out there, trying to make sure that He can't come anywhere near my house. Well as I walked out about maybe... I'd say a mile, I found a patch of scorched earth. It was circular and laying ontop were two metal bars... So yeah... that's what the picture was... I headed back to the house after that.

Second: The description of Susan and her last known whereabouts.

She has straight brown hair that goes just past her shoulders, brown eyes, the only clothes missing from her room was what mom described as a "spring dress" whatever that actually means. She's 11 years old and was last seen in her room. They live in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. I live on the edge of the forest nearby. So yeah, and I'm just gonna say, I don't think He'll be taking her very far away since He's going to try to use her against me. So yeah, I'll talk to you all tomorrow.

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