Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Visiting Susan...

Anonymous here...

She's gone. I went by to see if she was any worse, and she's just gone... Well... that's not to say that nothing happened when I went there...

By the time I got there she was already gone and mom was freaking out. I quickly ran to Susan's room and as I opened the door I realized that I didn't have the Athame and was very vulnerable at that moment. All over the room the operator symbol had been carved into the walls, ceiling, floor, bed, everything... so I know that she's gone... and that... He has her... but I'm still not giving up... I'm going to get the cure and save her... and then Slendy... I'm coming for you...


  1. Oh God... I'm sorry Anonymous... I hope you can find her... soon.

  2. Don't act too fast. Where are you? I'm going to be running within the week. This is my job: Saving people and curing Hollows/Hallows/Proxies/whatever you call it.
    Email me. Comment. I want to help you!

    Friend, NAPPA, Therapist

  3. a bit of info would be nice.

    brief description, last known location, anything else that could help us identify her.

    dont be hasty with the whole "im coming for you slendy" deal. thats how people die.

    FIRST AND FOREMOST: you should gauge your own sanity. make sure you KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are sane.

    and i will drop more tips and pointers when i see its needed.

    The Id's Ego/The Mouse/The Philosopher/The Crazy Fuck

    Stay Sane, Stay Alive

  4. No, I don't agree with NOOC on that one, showing confidence and anger seems to help keep your sanity a lot. I didn't die.
    But good luck. Stay safe. And, um, not dead. Which I guess falls under safe...I'm not the therapist. That's Shelby. But...hope you're ok.