Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another Story

Well He has let me know more about the story I am currently The Narrator of. Apparently it is connected to the story of Drake. Unlike when He put me on Drake's story, He hasn't let me know all the details of what is coming, he's just letting me know things a bit ahead of time. I won't question Him, but I think it'd be more effective if I was given all of the detai-i---

Here's where the new story is located.

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This story isn't finished...

"The Narrator"

Monday, November 28, 2011

It's over...

This is Ecko...

Drake is dead...

He died on Thanksgiving...

We went out to the coordinates the day we headed out... when we got there we found a note and a small package with a new set of coordinates... the package just had some food and water... Well we went to the new coordinates and we found the same thing, a package and a note with new coordinates... we did this for nearly 7 days... we ended up deep in the forest...

Things are kind of blurred there... I mean... it's hard for me to remember exactly what happened when we first arrived there... but... his little sister was there... but she was wearing a pure white mask... and she was caring a knife... She said something to Drake... I can't remember it... Also... He was there... standing to the side...

She ended up jumping at Drake, trying to stab him... but... he reacted... almost as if he could see her doing it... or like it was just instinct... and turned the knife back on her... and... he killed her... He grabbed her body and held her while she died... taking off her mask and whispering to her... Drake laid her down after she was dead... and he stood up, reaching into his pocket... He pulled out the athame, looking down at it, his face emotionless... He then gripped it tightly in both hands, and plunged it into his stomach... He just stood there, bleeding... and then all of a sudden he snapped the Athame in half... I felt a gust of wind go past me... and he fell over... dead... I looked over at Him... He didn't even seem to notice me, He just walked over to their bodies... and He picked them up with His... tendrils... and He was gone...

Well... The GPS was dead after that... so... I've been trying to get back since then... I just... I can't believe it's over... Drake's dead... I don't know what I'm going to do after this... I mean... He doesn't seem to be interested in me at all... and... I can't go back to a normal life after what I've seen... I just don't know... but don't worry about me... I'll find a way...

Anonymous is no longer here...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In Monroe now

Anonymous here...

We made it safely... Still no plan as to what we'll do when we go to the coordinates... which I saw they changed... Little Heart Lake... cute... God I'm afraid for Susan...

This is Ecko.

Honestly I think he should be afraid for himself... I mean... I'm not telling him that... but god... this feels like a fucking awful idea... I just can't see this going well... I really don't think he'd listen to me though if I told him we should just leave... God damn it...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Arrival in Montana

Anonymous here...

We're stopping for the day, and soon we'll be in Washington... I promised Ecko that we won't go directly to the coordinates... but I really want to make sure Susan's okay... We're going to stay in Monroe for a few days and think of a plan of action... Wish us luck...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Can't sleep too nervous...

This is Ecko.

I just can't sleep... This feels wrong... why is it so quiet... I mean... I'm enjoying it... but it's putting me on edge too... which is a little weird... but I'm sure you all understand.

... Drake is sleeping fitfully... he keeps saying Susan's name...

I'm just going to stay up for now...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Arrival in Minnesota

Anonymous here...

We made it just fine... really the lack of anything going wrong is a little unnerving... it's like the calm before the storm...

This is Ecko.

I'd say he's wrong, but I completely agree... it's weird...

Staying the night-

Anonymous here...

In Michigan. Honestly, it feels pretty safe here, so we're going to stay here an extra night and then head out around noon tomorrow and hopefully make it to Minnesota. 

So far nothing has happened on the trip. Honestly it's making me nervous... because I just feel weird not feeling like He's watching me...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

We've headed out...

Anonymous here...

We're heading out right now. Thank you for your well wishes, Shady. We'll  make sure and keep in touch as much as we can. We're going to stop somewhere in Michigan in the morning.

This is Ecko.

I'll post each night and let you all know if anything has come up. No disappearing for a month this time.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Susan was moved

Anonymous here...

.... ...

Ecko put the coordinates into google maps. apparently it's in a forest in Washington... I... I can't let her be alone... I can't let anything happen to her... damn it... I know this is just what He wants... but I can't just let her go... I've worked too hard to keep her safe... and... and after losing her before... I... I can't let her go... (this was transcribed word for word, I knew he wouldn't be able to focus his thoughts very well, so I thought just writing it all down would be a good idea.)

This is Ecko.

So... Drake is hard set on going to Washington and going to these coordinates... Of course I can't in good conscious let him go alone. You might think that I'd just force him to stay here... but I've known Drake for quite awhile... I know I can't stop him... even in his current condition, that wouldn't stop him from trying to go there... so... we're going to wrap up a few things here... and we'll probably be heading out tomorrow or Thursday. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

After some Research

Anonymous here...

I've figured out where they're showing. It's somewhere on the west coast as far as I can tell. I didn't post right afterwards because I wanted to try and figure out where it was... I don't really know if we should go... I mean... we don't have any friends out that way... I've just felt so lost recently... I don't know what to do... and I'm sorry for not posting everyone... It's just... I don't know what to say... Too much has happened... and I don't see an end in sight... not a happy one at least...

I don't know... I'm going to think about this some more... and talk to Ecko about it of course... but I think I know what he'll say...

This is Ecko.

Yeah I'm not in support of us going to the west coast. I mean it wouldn't be too hard getting there, I'm a good driver and we have plenty of money for gas... it's just that we don't know anyone out there, plus the fact that it's ALDER telling us to go there makes me really think we shouldn't.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Letter from a Friend?

Anonymous here...

Ecko found a letter at the edge of the forest that was addressed to me... he brought it back to me and said it said on the front: 

"To Drake, the Blind Mage 
From, Xidorn Skelly"

Inside was a letter, hand-written, that said:

"Lately I've noticed that Him and his hollowed seem intent on killing you. I'd hate to see this happen, so I must warn you to not leave this place. Even if all seems lost, you are safer there than anywhere else you could be.

Best of Luck,
Xidorn Skelly"

I don't know what to make of it really... I mean... it could be a trick from Him to try and keep me in one place... or maybe it's meant to be reverse psychology and make me want to leave... I don't know... but I think there's safety in numbers...

This is Ecko.

I don't know what to say about the note... Drake and I are really debating whether to leave or not... I don't think we should... so we'll probably stay here for now...

Also, welcome Mister Creevey. Go ahead and introduce yourself if you want.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Come and gone

Anonymous here...

I just realized that since the events have already happened... and what I feared was true, really was, I can tell you guys about it. It's just that, the dreams I was having before the attack, were about the forest, and Alder and N|LL... as it got closer to the attack the dreams became clearer until I pretty much knew what was going to happen... but I didn't want to post about it... because I thought maybe they were just dreams... and that if I posted about them, that He'd use that against me and make them come true...

Well yeah... they happened... so... I don't know what this means for me... but so far... everytime I've had these dreams, they end up leading to something traumatic happening to me, or someone around me... maybe they're visions... maybe they're causing these events... I don't know... So... next time they start up again, I'll make sure to post about it.

Edit: Also, welcome The Anarchitect and Lucas. Go ahead and introduce yourselves if you'd like, it's nice to have on record who exactly is following my blog.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Here's hoping

This is Ecko. 

Drake and I have been talking and he seems to think that Alder and N|LL won't be able to get at us while we're here, and that his sister will be helping us as much as she can. I don't know how good I feel about this... I have a horrible sinking feeling...

This is a message from The Narrator. I just thought I should make a formal introduction and say hello to the readers of this MESS that is the story of Drake and his sister. I'm here to correct any errors or false statements, so if you notice red text with a slash through it, that is just me fixing an error. NIce to meet you all, you'll be hearing more from me, though mostly only on my blog. 

Good day,

"The Narrator"

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Just a thought

Anonymous here...

Something that Susan said to me has been kind of... I don't know how to describe it... It just felt weird... It was on the second day I was with her... We were talking and then she said 

"Well... how've you been, big brother? Even though you've been through so much, you've continued to keep your head up and stay strong.

All through these troubles, you've managed to keep moving forward. Regretfully people have been hurt along the way... Ecko has been lucky so far, though honestly he's been with you for a very short time.

With how actively Alder and N|LL have been chasing you, I'm proud that you've stayed ahead of them for most of it. Alder seems the most angry at not catching you... though for N|LL it's mostly a vendetta, and less so that He has told him to get you. Though of course I've been around to help you stay safe. Catching you will be neigh impossible as long as He lets me keep you safe... He says that you have nothing to fear from Alder or N|LL. I know that to be true, though I know you'll need my help. Never again will you have to fear them... God help me, I'll keep you safe..."

It... didn't sound like anything else she had said to me... It didn't sound like her... I mean... the things she said sounded like the normal her... but the words...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm back, and what happened when I was gone.

Anonymous here...

So yeah, I'm okay... kind of shaken up... but physically fine.

After Alder and N|LL attacked us and got Ecko and I split up I just ran as fast and well as I could, managing to only bump into a few trees while I was running (Mystery has explained to me how I was able to do this she talks about it here), then all of a sudden I heard someone running next to me, I could tell from the way she was breathing she was small... It was Susan... She grabbed my hand and pulled me off to one side and pulled me further into the woods, the sounds of N|LL and Alder chasing after us getting quieter and quieter, until we had apparently out run them.

Well Susan took me somewhere... I don't know where... but when we got there and she told me to go ahead and sit down, I noticed the place felt very peaceful... I could hear the birds chirping away and a soft breeze kept blowing by... it was nice there... well anyway, she sat down next to me and said "I told you I'd keep you safe..." I started to cry... Knowing that I hadn't kept my promise to her... She hugged me and told me it was all going to be alright... 

She told me to go ahead and lay down and try and get some rest and that the next day we would talk, so I did and when I woke up I could feel a blanket ontop of me and took it off, slowly sitting up. She sat down next to me again and said to hold out my hands, I did and she handed me a cup of, what tasted like, tea. We talked that day and she tried her best to let me know that she didn't blame me for what had happened... that I'd tried my best... but that there just wasn't anything I could have done differently... Well she let me know that she was working for Him... but that apparently he has some plan... and so for now she's allowed to keep me safe...

This is Ecko.

That's all he wants to say for now, but yeah, for right now, he's okay... tomorrow the MASC people will want to talk to him, but I convinced them to give him one day here where he can recover and that then they can talk to him... I'm so relieved to see him back... but I'm feeling really nervous about this Susan situation...

Edit: Also, to make sure everyone sees... because I feel like her blog is going to start being a lot more important and it'll be good to keep an eye on it, here's Susan's new blog. and here's her tumblr


This is Ecko.

He's supposed to be coming back today... Susan better keep her promise... god I'm nervous about this...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The newest post on Susan's (new) Blog

This is Ecko

I just saw it.

On the tumblr there's one post from her saying that she has Drake and is keeping him safe... I don't know if this makes me feel any better... because she's obviously being controlled by Him in some capacity... but as long as Drake is safe... that's all that matters...

Monday, September 19, 2011

I went looking again this morning

This is Ecko.

I still can't find even a trace of him... and yes I saw the post by Alder... but I don't want to reply... I'm just going to hope for the best and keep looking... I'll probably head out and look again sometime tonight...

Sunday, September 18, 2011


We didn't find him...

This is Ecko.

We didn't find Drake... or any trace of him really...

When I was about to head out one of the guards/ agents said that he'd have to accompany me because they need to keep an eye on us at all times... asshole... Well we headed out and searched for about 8 hours before we decided to come back... the only reason was because it was getting too dark to see anything... I really hope he's okay...

I'm Alive but Drake is Missing...

This is Ecko.

If you've read the newest post in Defenders Against Slenders you know pretty much what happened. So everyone knows, just as the attack started I grabbed Drake, not caring what the sound was, but knowing that he'd be in danger if we stayed behind, and pushed him out of the window in our bedroom and quickly ran to the forest, thinking that honestly I'd rather take our chances in the forest than with whatever was openly attacking the house. We ran into the forest and after about five minutes were a safe distance away... that's when I heard someone following us...

I saw them step out from behind the trees, both of them wearing their masks and both holding knives... It was Alder and N|LL... Alder quickly ran at me and tackled me to the ground. I told Drake to run and he did, running as fast as he could, deeper into the woods. I still don't know how he managed to run through the trees without hitting them, and managed to not trip as he ran away... but soon enough he was out of sight.

N|LL quickly ran after him, but Alder stayed behind for a bit, smiling down at me, his knife pressed to my side. He reached up and tilted his mask up just slightly so I could see his lips. "We've learned of our master's plan... it will come to fruition... and there's nothing you can do to save Drake..." He lowered his mask and a dead silence filled the forest around us before he thrusted the knife into my side. The searing pain shot up through me, leaving me breathless. It felt like he just left it in there for ages... but soon enough he pulled it out and took off in the direction of where N|LL and Drake disappeared into the woods.

Well... after a few minutes I slowly forced myself up and started trying to walk back to the mansion... I knew I wouldn't be able to catch up to them in my current state... and I'd need help... cause I couldn't fight Alder AND N|LL by myself... It took a long time... but I eventually made it back... and MASC was there to meet me... they picked me up and took me away, only letting me know that my friends were alive... I didn't tell them about Drake... though looking back on it they probably knew he was missing...

They blindfolded me and took me somewhere and on the way took the time to bandage my wounds... when they took off the blindfold I was in an interrogation room... They asked me what I knew about "the person known as The Slender Man." ... well I told them what little I understood of the situation... which honestly compared to what Drake could have told them... was very little... They obviously weren't satisfied with what little information I gave them and started threatening to blame the arson of Tikka's house and the murder of Tikka on me... They apparently found where we had buried him and kept the body, planting evidence on it and the house to place me as the prime suspect... I tried to think of more information to tell them and tried explaining how Wicca seemed to work against his minions fairly effectively... they seemed pleased with that bit of information, obviously getting more out of it than me... I asked them what exactly happened at the house, since I ran away just as it started. They told me that it was classified, but if one of my friends wanted to tell me that it would be alright, but that at the time they weren't at liberty to explain... well today they brought me back and I talked to Mystery... I find it hard to believe that only two people did all of this damage... but from what I've read now, this Thuggee person has been given powers from who he calls "the gods". Well if you have to rely on the powers of others to defeat your enemies, then know that you will eventually fall. The members of DAS are strong, in and of themselves, and if your gods let your powers slip, for even a moment, we will end you.

I'm going to go looking for Drake a little later... I really hope he's okay...

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Anonymous here...

Almost went the whole day without realizing what today is. It's weird how what's been happening to Ecko and I has occupied me so much that I forgot that today was 9/11... also sorry for not posting anything in the last week or so, I've just been really tired... the nightmares have been making it hard to sleep... and they're starting to connect... again... just like last time...

Friday, September 2, 2011

Raz is still around

Anonymous here...

Which is really good to hear. Incase you don't know who I'm talking about, Razputine Panzerfaust and his split personality D have been around longer than me, and have helped me a few times, and also been good friends through most of this. So it was really nice to see a new post by them.

Other than that I haven't really heard anything from Susan... I... I really hope we can help her...

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Follower (other than Susan...)

This is Ecko.

Just wanted to welcome the new follower, FidgetyLissie. Go ahead and introduce yourself if you'd like.

Side-note, Drake is having a really hard time right now... so you probably won't be seeing any posts from him for a few days...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I can't breath

Ecko just told me who the newest follower is... it... it says "Susan-LOST-". I can't breath...

If... if it's her... maybe... maybe I can help her... I want to help her... I... I couldn't do anything before... but maybe I can help now... I don't know... Please Susan, if that's you, please say something...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Went out and bought a comic series.

This is Ecko.

I went out today and saw a miniseries that caught my eye. I decided to read it a little in the store (SO SUE ME!) and I really liked the premise for it. It's kind of like In the Mouth of Madness (favorite john carpenter film of all time) but it's made by Stephen King. The basis is the question "what if madness was contagious?" The series is called "N." I totally recommend it and it's only 4 comics long.

*edit* Oh and by today I meant on Monday. (Just realized it's Tuesday)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Welcome to the new people!

Anonymous here...

Just posting to say hello to the two new people who started following me. = ) Gallows-Tree and Dia, say hi and introduce yourselves!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So about the dream catcher

Anonymous here...

I tried using it last night, and it did help a lot... I mean... the dreams were clearer... but they were still pretty scary... but at least I could see pretty clearly what was happening...

That's it for right now.

So, Shady is back.

Anonymous here...

Which is AWESOME. X ) I just saw that Mystery posted about it, so I'm guessing it's okay to post about it. I'm just really nervous about letting important information leak, that's why I've been really limiting what I say in my posts... But yeah, it's great to see that Shady is back.

Today Ecko and I spent most of the day building a dream catcher. Ecko and I'll be heading to bed soon and we'll see how this goes. Here's hoping for the best. *drinks calming tea*

Oh and you can read about how she's doing and her catching up on current events and giving her two cents on what's been happening here 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Can't sleep

Anonymous here...

And Ecko agreed to stay up with me... so I decided to go ahead and fix us some tea while we listen to music... Just a nice cup of Earl Grey with some sugar... Can't believe it's already 3:43 AM here... Well at least the night isn't dragging on... This is what we're listening to right now.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

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Saturday, August 13, 2011


Anonymous here...

Ecko and I have been just fine, don't worry everyone. It's just that my Mac broke... so yeah... and since we don't have the money to waste on getting it, professionally, repaired or replaced, we had to try and fix it ourselves... so yeah... sorry for our long absence. We're still at the Mansion... and... um... my dreams have been getting worse... I'm still not going to say what they are because I want to test and see if they're going to happen in real life... or if He just used the dreams I posted on here to corner me and hurt me... 

So yeah... we're okay and going to be posting more now. Again, sorry for the absence, but we're here now. = )

This is Ecko.

Welcome Road Runner, Kurija-Chan, and Zia. You all can introduce yourselves down in the comments if you want. Nice to see new faces.

Edit: This pretty much explains how our repairs were going up till the end when we fixed it all.

Only replace just working on a project with doing repairs on the computer. (seriously, as we went along it seemed like we were doing more harm than good... though it didn't help that I couldn't really see what we were working on...)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Personal update.

Anonymous here...

We're not going to be posting ANYTHING that happens in this house. We're leaving that up to the others that live here and especially Mystery. If they want a bit of information let out, we'll let them do it, but in the mean time we'll let you know how we're doing and what we're up to.

Honestly... I haven't been doing as well as I've let on... I've been having recurring nightmares... all of them involving a forest, my sister, and Ecko... I don't want to talk about them... because that would allow Him to work on making them into reality... I think that's part of the reason why He was able to find Tikka and me... and then blind me... I don't think I'm actually psychic... I think it's all just Him...

This is Ecko.

I've been doing alright, mostly just keeping Drake company and comforting him when he has his nightmares... If something truly important happens, I'll try and post about it, otherwise, from now on these posts will just be updates on how we're doing.

Oh and welcome Katt.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Update on how we're doing.

Anonymous here... 

I have to say, it's nice being in a house with so many people... especially since it feels so safe here.. I have to say, if anyone out there is on the run and looking for somewhere to go, go to New Jersey and come find us, this place is great.

This is Ecko.

It's been really nice seeing Drake so calm and happy. You should have seen him before we got here... He had almost non-stop full body tremors all the time and you could tell he was very nervous... I mean, after all he's gone through you're bound to start getting really scared... especially for him since he's blind now... But yeah, he's doing so much better now, and I'm really happy to see it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Arrival in New Jersey

This is Ecko.

Mystery had us meet in a nearby Starbucks and had us follow her back to the place. I just want to say though, she look exhausted. She didn't really want to talk about it, so I checked her blog when we got back, all I can say is, daaamn. See I really try to avoid dealing with spirits, demons, or other manner of otherwordly forces as much as possible, because if you're not careful things can go HORRIBLY wrong, BUT from what Mystery wrote, it seems that everything went well, so there's that at least.

The place is pretty nice actually, sure it's falling apart, but I've personally stayed in far worse places. We got to meet all the people currently living in the house. Trinity was pretty nice, though her brother seemed kind of weird... he didn't really get too close to us and didn't say anything to us. We also met "Mr. Sunshine". Interesting person... I don't really understand him... but it's whatever. and we just briefly met Lullaby, she still looked pretty shook up.

That's it for now everyone, we're gonna stay here for awhile and then we'll move on.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We're in Hagerstown, Maryland

This is Ecko.

We'll be heading up to New Jersey to see Mystery. We'll stay there as long as we feel safe, and then head out again. So hopefully it all goes well. Mystery, just send us an email at and we'll check our email in the morning. That way you can give us the address without letting it out to the public.

Here's to seeing you tomorrow. *raises glass*

Anonymous here...

Today was pretty uneventful, which was nice, and tonight we're staying in a hotel. I think it best if Ecko and I take up Mystery's offer and go stay up in New Jersey for now.

We'll let you know how it goes tomorrow evening.

Monday, June 27, 2011

We're staying in Lebanon Tennessee

This is Ecko.

We've stopped for the night and we're staying with a friend of mine just for tonight. Also I'll be making dinner really soon. It think it'll be good for Drake to get some good food in him for now...

In response to Mystery's last comment: I've known Drake for five years. Believe me, I'm not a "false friend". We met when he visited a five years ago while visiting his cousins who were going to UNT at the time. He went with his cousins to the Anime Club one night and we started talking. We hung out a lot while he was there and stayed in contact.

So yes, it was just a misinterpretation of my delivery, besides I'm not really good at showing emotion through text.

Moving on

Anonymous here...

Ecko and I are heading out now... Not sure where really... but we're gonna try doing what Raz is doing... but we'll keep posting while we're on the run... wish us luck...

This is Ecko.

We did the burial and managed to pack up most of Drake's stuff. Drake worked one last time on the seal and now we're gonna head out. I think we'll head east and a little north for now... We'll let you all know where we are once we're done moving for the night.

And thank you to everyone who expressed their concern... I really appreciate it...

Sunday, June 26, 2011


This is Ecko.

We used Mystery's method of finding Tikka... we found him... He's dead... We're going to bury him tonight and move tomorrow...

Friday, June 24, 2011


Anonymous here...

Tikka is gone... I woke up last this morning... and he was gone... I thought he had just stepped out for awhile... but he's still not back... I'm seriously worried... and no I'm not typing this out, I had a friend of mine come over and type this out for me. His internet name is Ecko. So yeah, he agreed to help me out for now until we can find out what happened to Tikka... so yeah... wish me luck...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Got a message from Alder

It pretty much was just a threat, as always. He also expressed his anger that Slendy let Drake go. I actually don't understand that... I mean... if He really hates Drake so much... why did he only blind him and then let him go... I don't get it... But other than that message it's been very quiet today.

Honestly that's it for now everyone. See you all around.

Forever Watchful~ Tikka

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Still loud but not pushing

Anonymous here...

The sigil is holding up very well. He doesn't seem too intent on escaping... probably cause this is only a small part of him... but whatever...

So yeah, other than that, it's also been very quiet recently... I mean so far we've encountered no proxies or hollowed or Him. We've also set up a lot of spells, wards, and actually a few traps around the apartment. Believe me, only the hollowed or proxies will be setting these off, so the other people here in the apartment complex will be safe.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

God he's loud.

Anonymous here...

Seriously... and the fucking noises Z makes are weird as hell... I'm sorry but seriously... I'm glad we were able to get the seal on him and trap him but god... It's really hard to sleep with the noises he's making... If anyone has an recommendations on how to get rid of him, please let me know.

Friday, May 27, 2011

So yeah...

Anonymous here...

I think we were able to at the very least box in Zalgo. I did the banishing spells but... it just shoved him back, so focused on moving the spell across the room, forcing him into a smaller area of the wall. I then did several more banishing spells, taking down how much of him was left... I can't seem to get rid of him... but I think I can hold him back. I then drew a sigil on the wall where he was and did a spell of sealing, forcing him to stay in that one spot. I think we're good for now....

I bet you fucking anything that Slender-douche sent Zalgo after me... Well... for now we're safe... so... yeah... see you all around...


Anonymous here...

So whatever part of Zalgo was in my computer is out now since we wiped it clean... but I don't know about our apartment... I'm gonna do a banishing spell or three in the morning and see how it goes... hopefully things don't go way too crazy... We'll see...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

G̟̦ͯ̏̾ͫȩ̰̺͚̞͖͔̯̘̒̐͊ͣt̨̟͍͓̀t̛͙͉̯͔̩͙̉̏̀i̳͕̥͙̭̮̥̻̋̑̿ͦ̒̀ņ̷̬̤̑̋ͤͥ͑ͫğ̉͋ͭ̓͐ͤ͏͏̫̖̣̺̦ ̵̟̭̐̉ͩ̊̃̔͒̎̊n̟̼̤̥̙̄̑̈ͤ̈̈̒͋́͢ͅe̴͖͍̱ͪ̐̚͟ṛ̢̰͒͗̓͘v̨̩̩ͦ̑̌̄̆̕o̵̡̜͙͙̹̼͕̻̒̄̈ͮ̍͠ǔ̹̣̐ͦ̒ͩ̋ͨ͐ͬ͘͞s̻̦̦̦̰͕̓̐͗͆ͧ,̙̬͌̇͆̄̈̔͐́͞͞ ͉̮̍n͓̝̟̙͍̓̽̈ͥͮ́o̳̥̝̳̖̯̣ͤ͆ͬ̿ͭ́ͅţ̵̶̘̬̻̠͔͕̉ͭͭ̚̚ ̝͚̺̓͘͟s̗̞ͮͦ͆ͬ̿t̓ͭ҉̲̙͚a͙͉͚͈̭̳͍ͥ͋͜ͅȳ͎ͤ̀͗̌̌ͥ͘ͅi͖̻͈̗̳͙͓̺ͫͧͤ̾͡n̝͍ͤ́ͣ͑͜͜g̴̢̲̪̭̲̰͕͎͙̪ͥ̆ͥ͆ͩ͒̆̉̚͠ ̓̎̏ͧͤ̄ͧ̽͏̶̭͉t̴̖̻͂̃͢ḧ̵͚̻̥́̎̍̓͟e̹͍̜͚̪̻̦͔̪̋ͧ ̶̢̻̩͎͉̝̩ͬ̓͒ͯn͎̻̩̘̼̤̙̊́ͭͯ͜ͅi̸̶̟͖͙̣̪͔̯̔̑ͧ̄ͭ̎͒͢ḡͣ̿̒ͪͮͬ҉̞̝͈̪̭͔̫͟͡h̢̾̆͊̄̆ͮ̆҉̭̼͔̰̪̞͇ͅt̪̭̱͓ͫ̊̏̇̔͐͌

A̶̭̙͇̠̮̬̹̯͗̑̃̓̌n̴̛̬̝̹̈́ǫ̜̘̟̜͍̌nͥ̿̇ͤ̑̏̚҉̬̠̭̭͘y̲̻̘͇̯̐̊̆ͣm͗̈̿̓͜͏͍̳̟̙̭o̱̬̘͚͗̓͆̾͛͜͝uͬ̓̂̿́̂̕͢͏͚̱̤̬s̼͈̝̫̻͈̾̅̒̿̽ͫͬ̽͂͢ ̶̡̞̰̣̎̅ͣ͟ḩ̫̻͔̮̩͚̯̆̅̀̀͂͘eͪ͐̓҉̶̹̬̠͈̺͙͉̺ŗ͕̤̝̜̹͍ͤ̄̒e̡̡̫ͣͦ̋͋ͮ̏̔.̡̮̯̜͚ͮ̌̉̊͢.͖̹͇̱̟ͤ̃̈̍̈ͩ͢.̧̩̘̯̥̥͎͋̂̿͡͠

Ṱ͈͙͇͉̓͌̀͊̃͞h̡͚̜͔̠̜͕͖̤͉̓͋͘e͕̙̻̫̻̘ͮ̏̑ͬͬ͊͞ ͕̮̟̯̜̿̓̚w̭̺̩̬̋ͪ̄ͬ̚͘ͅa̯̜̝̖̞ͩ͆̈ͣ͛̈́ͦͅͅļ̷̻͈͓̬͍̹͔̉̍̉̐͋͊͠l̹͓̲͐͠s̢̰͉̘̪̹͇̊̒͌ͅ ̶̛̼͇̅ͬ̏͌̊̃ͅh̘̤̯̩̞͍̼̬ͭͮ́͟ͅả͍̠̬ͥ̉̈́ͭ̅͘v̢̩̪̈́̄̓̄̋̏͋̃e̤̼̼͒͛͂̍́ͩͧ̊͢ ͎̙̙̺̐͗͛̏̇ͦ͢b̗̯̖̪ͮ̌̋̋͗̽ͬ́ͅe̫̘̜͌͑ͪ͞e̯̳̘͈̣̝͍ͪͭ̌n̗͉̻̅́ͫ͒̑ͧ̿̈́ ͍ͥ̊̂̉̃̆̚͡ḻ͚̜͕̗̘͖̔̂ơ͖̲̎͒̽͛̈́̋̂̾̚o̶͔̘̙̝̲̗͕̱̗͆͂͂ͧ̓̃ͧͧ͑́ķ̬͗̐̔̿͟i̢̡̭͍̘͉͎̤̘ͧͪ̔̔ͪ̄n̬͕̹͕̹͓͔̻̳ͧͯ̇ͫͣ͗̂͗̚g̷̪̰̦͇̠̙ͬͨ̃̄̈̓ͤ ̝͉̰̺̘́͌̂̀̅ͨ̌͋́͡ŵ̵͈͓̹͈ͣ̎͂ͪ̚ě͙̹͢͠ͅi̖̗̻͇͖ͬ̃ͥ͒ͅr̢͇̟͍̖͐ͭͦ̌̓dͩ͗͛͋̐͌͏̤̙̳ ̔̉͘͏̙͔̩̻͝r̪̬̟̿̽̊̔ͬ̂͜e̵̮̤ͯͮ̇̂̈́̽̽ͭ̆͘c̈́̾̋ͪ̄͑ͦ҉͏̮̬̠͕̥͖͙͜e͇̜͕̦̰̺̭͈̎͜ň͙̪̳͍͉͚ͪ̄͗̓̃͠͝t̗͇̫̩̘̺͕̣̓̀̉ͦ͐̈́̚l͙̺͓̬͙̯̯̍͐͛̏̾̀y͉̆͌̉̓͆ͭͩ͑̀.̖̰̻̲̪̟̫̱ͭ̋͐.̬̱̟͚͇̭̠͚͒ͧ͆.̭̣̻͓͕̭̻͇͙ͩ͆̿́͜ ̅̈́̆͏̴̻͍͖͙͓͍̯͠w̰̮̫̪̞̠͖͔ͫ̇́ͯ́͠ȅ̐̋̋̄ͦ̎͆͏̥̝͓̻̱̥̺ͅͅ'̵̭̥̐͂̇̓r͙̻̥̣̆̽̍̆̕͞ȩ̨̙̜͖̺͇̇ͯ ͑̃̑ͮ̅͂́͏̬̬̠̫͕̰ņ̫̗̥̖̎ͣ̆̅ͭ̚̕͢o̠̝̺̲ͤ̋͘t͍̟̹̓̆͊̅̀ ̷͉̩̬͚̣͈̹̙͗̈́͂̍ͩ͑͌ͤ̋g̰̼͕͚̖̖͐ͧ́ơ̥͖̥̗̰̩̰̆͑́ͬ̑̀͢ḭ̶͍̬͖̭̲̈̕n̬͇͉̠̙͕̩ͨ̾̀̓̓̍̎ͧ̇g̸̛͓̻͕̩̹̓͊͊͗͠ ̵͖͈̩̯̠̟̦͔̟ͤ̏͗̍t͙̱̙͖̦̿ͧͅǫ̸̵̟̬͖̝̖̳ͨ̉̊ ̉̀͐ͧͮ͏̪͕̠̻͉́͟s̗̮̘͙͇̩̠̉̆͛ͥ̏ͮͦ̐͝t̶̠̝̪͍͚͓̻͎̒̀͌̓ͫ͡ã̡̔͂̊̀̃̍҉̦̩y̻̹̤̝̮̾͗͌̔͌́͡ͅ
 ̦̜̣͔̣̲̊̉̐̍i̸̜̥̊̆̀͠n̵͓͓̪̮͕͍̮̰̉͋̍́ͫ͊͐̀̚̚ ̨̝̺̠͓̲ͤ̓̔ͯ͝ͅt̵̳̺̤͔ͩ͒̀̏̊͟h̠̘͎̫ͮͤ͑̐͌͌ͤ́e͙̯̟̗̳͈̟͚̮̓ͪ͝͝ ̽͋͋҉̧҉͇͙̝͖a̡̡̭͈͕̐̐̀̄̉p̴̨͈͇͍̥͕ͮ͑ͫͩ̉à͎̙̯̼̳͛̓͂̌ͬͯr̡͚̝̭̼̩̟̻͚ͪͬ͌̏́t̡̼̳͎̘̬͔̜̓̓͘͝m̱̫̖̞͎̳̖ͯ̑̎͌̆́ȩ̪͊̂n̛̩͈͇̹̰̙̻̜̦̅̍̆́ͮt̨̾̍̈́ͤ̚҉͈ͅͅ ̛͔͚͍͍̻̺̯͙ͤ̿͌͒̄ͥ̏͟ͅt́͋̈҉̸͓̟͉̞̯͈̞̝̯ỏ̷͚̙͔̭n̷͙̹̭̼̯̘ͬͣͣ̅̀i̷͕̘̗ͬ͊̓̆̐ͪ͑̅̃ĝ͉͇̟͖̜̞̩̌͐̅͆͊̍̉̓h͎͉̳̗̪̅̎̊́t͕͗ͯͫ̈́̀͞͞.̥̹͇̯͗̇̏ͅ.͓̮̰̟ͤ͘͞.̧̨͎̻̩̮̳̤̰ͨͪͫ͛̓ͨ ͙͇̠̪̠͓̈́͑̆̉̽͆ͪ͟w̵̫̳͉͍̩̎ͣ̔͞͡e̹͙̤̿̀ͯ̋̌̐ͪ͟'ͭͤ̿҉̻̙̱͉͇̝͠l̰̬̘͔̘͐͆l͇̭ͬ̃ͧ ̵̡̙͍̠̪̾ͩ͋ͦ̅ͥ̄͝j̶̢͔̥͔̹͇̻͂̎̅̍ͣ͒u̪͉͉̱͂͂̾̿ͥ͐ͩ͒͟s̸̴̭̙̤̪̦̜͈̰ͩ͌͛̒̓͛t̨̡̗̭̪̹̱̎̏ ̢̢͔͓͊ͥ̈́̍̆̾ͬͅḍ̨͙̬̳̳̹̌͌͝rͦ̄̌̄҉̥̬̹̟i̪͈͖̳̼̠͌ͨͪ̈ͅͅv̷̩͈̼̤̲͛͛ͭ̂̏͝ͅē͖̗͈̅ͦͣ̑ͫ ͎͇̰̈́̾͢͟ͅä͎͕͇͖̳͉́͋̕͢r̸̻͕̹̞̜͖ͫ̑̍̀̈́͂o̫̯̮̗̤̹̰͛ͧͧͪ̐̓͋̀ͅu̔́ͭ͋̽͏̯̖̫̳n̨̻̠̔͆̾ͧ̓ͥ̅͆d̹͈̽̎̊̓̔̆̚ ̻͎̻͖̍́I̷̛͇̊̃ͫ̃͜ ̪̌͐̓͟t͍̤̰͎̟̘̻̘̓ͥ̂͗̊̕͝h̯̤̻̥̦̦̮ͮͨ͌̀͘͟ị͓̞̻͖̋͋͠͡ṋ̭͖͔͚̪̩ͩ̃̑͋ͮ́̑́ķ̷̲͈̖̟͔ͦ͊͛͌.̡͖̯͚̌͒̾ͭ̎.̧̜͙̠̳͚̅ͪ̊̍̕.̗͍̲̎͌́͟ ͍͋ͥͦ̅̃ͩ̃͌́S̺͍̖̭̻͎͓͈̪̀̽̽o͚͎͍̬ͯͫ͂̈̉ͨ̊͢͠͠ ̭̙̮̙̣͇̮̑ͤ̌͠
ÿ̤͎̠͓͍̩̞́ͯ̏̋ͤͤ̾̊͞ẹ̷̴̢̦̗͓̯̲̖̺̿ͦa͓̼̠̞͕̎͆͐͜h̵̷͔͇ͪͬͨ.̼̲͖̻̗͎̱̮ͯͯ̒͋ͬ̀.̛͙̗͕̙̣͉ͪ̈ͮ͂̏̀.̸̟͔̗̱̬̦͔͛ͣ̐ͩ͡ ̡͈̱̓̌̐̔ͭͧ̾̈́W̛̲̮͈͚͙͔̞͕̝ͤ͐ͨ̅̆i̯̦ͦ̈́ͤ͌́̀ş̫͕̅͒̅̽̊̇h̴̵̠͉̘̥̪ͪ̎̓ ̋̆͒ͦ̈́ͪ҉̖̯͝ư̷̥̳̰͉̹͌̽ͣͭͯs̩̱̜̙̮͖̱ͨͪ͋̿̓ͦ ̵͖̤͍ͣͫ͌ľ͓̰̼̠̫̻͓̖̓̔̀̈̐̈̃u͚̗̥͚̪̲̬̫ͭ̑͡͞c̴̅͒ͨ҉̱̟̺̗̱̜k̠̙͙ͯ̇̆ͫͩ͒̊̆̚͟ͅ ̝̺̬̳̎̕a͌͏̻n̛̔ͦ͒ͤ̄ͬ҉̯̦͞d͎̝̙̃̅̇ͤ̽̔ͫͅ ̢̪̬̭͈̺̊ͭ̈́ẖ o̗͈̞͂̆̓̈́̌́̾̓p̨̱̮͖̝͗ͤ͛̑̓̐͋͂̚ͅe̗̩̪̺ͯ͊̎̓ͯ̊̈ͭf͊ͣ̔͢͏̯ư̸͖̬̠̪͕̬ͬ̍ͩ̕l͓̝̘͎̪̤̺ͤ̅͛̇ͩͨͤ͞l̴̡͖̥͔̠͕̟͓̝̊ͫ͆̽ͤ͆ͦy̵͕͔͖͂ͫ ͎̙̟̝̖̭͑ͪ͊̾ͯ̇͛͛͠n͇͆͒̓́o̺͕̙̣̟̝̲ͬ͗̓̌ͫͅt̸̜̜̮̣̰̙͇ͯ̏̉ͨͧ̚h̖ͭ͌͊̑̀i̡̙̳̪̅̌̀̿͢n̟̘̮͕̲͍̫̼̒ͯͧͩͪ̚g̢̳͍͈ͥ̅ͮͭͫ͊̍́̚͜ ͍̗ͬ̿̑̓̿͛̚g̺̠̜͓̖͎̣̲̊ͨ̐̈ͫ̾͌ͭoͯͮ̔͘͏̤̖̳̹ͅȩ͚̰̜͚̘̭̦͚̜̔ͭͪͧ͗̒s̗̠̟̞͒ ̧͎̓̔w͎̫͔̟̦̘̭͂́ͭ͋̈́̍͑ͅr̺̰͇̠͍͌ͪ͂̇͛͜ọ̶̢̠͕̮̰ͧ̊̈ͅṅ̨̜̠̻͉͊͛̉͗ͧ͒ğ̷̣͖̭͕͖ͦ̀͗͒ͩ.̵̢̝͔̠̺̜͔̹̠̾ͤͭ͋̅͢.̬̤͖̻̪̜̲̜̾͜.̨̲͋̀̽̊̏̌̉ͨ̀

It's Weird...

Anonymous here...

Being blind that is... I mean... it's not like I got super hearing or anything weird... I just rely on my hearing and touch and smell a lot more now... Makes walking around in the d̘͚̯̗ͪ̒ͬ̄̔͋̋͢͟a̰̝͖̻͕͌ͥ̓̓͝r̝͈̞̟̽̆ͮ̆̏͛̃̍́ķ͙̟̉͛ͦ̓͐̎̀̀͡ a lot easier though, so that's good...

Cutting in here, I just typed out that last part and I can already see something weird with the word dark... yes, everyone, I'm well read up on my internet memes... that's why this upsets me... I'm not deleting it just so you all can see it... Yes I'm going to be more careful online from here on out... If things start getting crazy we'll be going incognito for a bit, but we'll be back eventually... Anyway... I'll let Drake finish up now...

Tikka just told me what happened... I swear to god... I'm too tired to deal with two evil entities at once right now... so please, Mr. Z, just fuck off. Anyway... I've been listening to a lot of comedy albums online. God I love Paton Oswald and Bo Burnham. Great comedians... That's actually about it... was just wanting to let you all know that we're still okay... s̝̠̍̏̊̐͞ḛ̟́ͩ͛ê̡̜̝̤̮̜̘̬̜ͨ ̠̘̭͈̤̗͍̜̍̈́ͧ͐̄̑͊͐͜͝y͈̹̝̥͎̦ͥ̅̉͆̽̚͘͟o̥͕͙͓̯̜͔̫ͭͮ̓̀̚u̶̗͉̅̉ͣ̒̆͌̑̇ around.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Well that was anti-climactic

6 PM came and went, and nothing happened. Drake and I are just laying in bed right now watching TV... How is everyone else? We've been trying to not spend too much time on the blogs so we haven't really been reading anyone else's blogs at the moment.

Forever Watchful~ Tikka

It's the End of the World

Anonymous here...

Have fun everyone! Just try to keep your chin up and your loved ones by your side, I'm sure this day won't be all that bad in the end. Tikka and I found an apartment and today we're moving everything in, so that's good. After that's done we're going to go eat out at Red Lobster... hopefully I can eat well and not be too messy... Well we'll see you all later. Bye now!

Edit: Oh and welcome ThroughTheFog and den talande varg. Go ahead and introduce yourselves in the comments if you want. = )

Thursday, May 19, 2011

From Drake

Anonymous here...

Hey, this is Drake. I'm having Tikka type this out, obviously. Just letting everyone know, yes I am still alive.  Pretty much everything happened exactly like my dream... except it hurt a lot more... So yeah... I'm blind now... He took my eyes... Fucking bastard... We're in Texas and right now we're looking for an apartment... hopefully we can find one... So yeah... That's it for now everyone...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

He's alive...

But... his dream came true... I've bandaged him up as much as I can... we're gonna move... We have friends down at UNT in Denton, Texas, so I'm driving us down there. I guess... if Drake wants to post something I'll just have him tell me what he wants typed and I'll type it for him... 

We'll post sometime tomorrow once we're down in Texas...

Forever Watchful~ Tikka

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

They got Drake

It happened, they found us. It happened almost exactly like Drake's dream... But while they were moving us I woke up in their car and managed to escape... I'm afraid for Drake... I'm going to go look for him... maybe I was the person who found him in his dream... god I hope his dreams don't come completely true...

Forever Watchful~ Tikka

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Anonymous here...

And I'd like to finally welcome all of the new people who've started following me! I was going to do this earlier, like yesterday, but blogspot was down... so yeah... Welcome everyone!

Welcome kusakomoa, Zed, Executor (heh, do you do what Justice tells you to? lawl), MsSynclair, Schrödinger (love your name), and
Killjay (or should I call you Professor Hershel Killjay Layton? lawl)

So yeah, if you want to introduce yourselves down below in the comments section, go right ahead!


Anonymous here...

Of the codes? None for right now... I just wanted to make sure you guys could actually manage to solve these on your own. I'm glad to see that you could. I would have been pretty sad if you couldn't... especially since it wasn't that hard.

In case any of you have been wondering, Tikka and I haven't had any kind of run-ins with Alder or N|LL... It's been surprisingly quite here actually... It's been really nice... Oh and as far as me asking if you guys have watched Lain, I was just wondering, cause I really loved that series. Especially how it ended. = ) Soooo weird.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another coded post.

Anonymous here...

I'm not going to change the code, or the hints, just posting again. Eventually one of you is going to get it. Hopefully you get it soon, or I'll just have to keep posting in code forever. ) : Seriously, just look at the tags, solve the math (it's super easy.) and look at the numbers. You'll figure it out.

13-14 25-13-10-23-10 10-1-10-23-4-20-19-10 13-20-21-10-11-26-17-17-4 4-20-26 12-26-4-24 11-14-12-26-23-10 14-25 20-26-25 24-20-20-19

Monday, May 9, 2011

Testing 1, 2, 3, testing.

Anonymous here...

15-26-24-25 25-10-24-25-14-19-12 25-20 24-10-10 13-20-2 12-20-20-9 4-20-26 12-26-4-24 13-6-1-10 12-20-25-25-10-19 6-25 21-26-5-5-17-10-24

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Part of a New Blog.

Anonymous here...

It's full of survival tips, and VERY useful info and will become more fleshed out as time moves on. I'll be posting about once a day on there if I can. So yeah... other than that... not much going on... *shrugs*

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New follower.

Anonymous here...

Welcome Kusakoma. Of course, if you're a proxy or a hollowed, you can fuck off, but if not, welcome. = ) Go ahead and let us know a little bit about yourself.

Everything's quiet over here, nothing new to really talk about.

Monday, May 2, 2011

I was reading R.T.'s blog and came across this question and answer and just thought it was really interesting.

I was wondering if you could explain deceased entity known as "big brother"

Input accepted. Response: An omniscient entity that has also gone by the names "The Beholder" and "The Watcher". Big Brother could not read minds, but could see most everything.


Heh... so 1984? I see that you labeled it as deceased... hmm... I guess in a sense it is, 1984 came and went without a true Big Brother, so now it's technically "dead".

In the Mouth of Madness.

Anonymous here...

Tikka and I just watched John Carpenter's In the Mouth of Madness... Jesus christ that was a messed up movie... and it rings a little too true with this whole Slender Man thing. Fiction becoming reality... So yeah... we haven't been posting because we've been trying to stay prepared for Alder and N|LL, but nothing has happened so far. So we'll see if they'll actually ever fucking find us. X D

Edit: Oh also while playing Etrian Odyssey III I suddenly realized what the labyrinth is called... The Yggdrasil Labyrinth. I remember a blogger by the name of Yggdrasil. So this instantly piqued my interest. I googled Yggdrasil and came up with the fact that in mythology it is known as the "World Tree". Huh... wow... nice picking out a name that not only has to do with labyrinths, like quite a few of us out there have been subjected to, but also having to do with trees, and not just any tree, the mother fucking "World Tree". I don't think he's around anymore though... shame...

Friday, April 29, 2011

We talked to master earlier and He let us know that she was one of His "Favored"... and... He got angry at us for falling for her little trick... saying we were failures... well... WE'RE GOING TO FIND YOU DRAKE GOD DAMN IT! I'M GOING TO PROVE MYSELF TO MASTER I PROMISE!


Sorry about that, let my emotions get the better of me. But seriously, we're going to find you. I'm not going to rest until I've captured you and killed your little boyfriend. You will pay for killing my sister...



We were led astray... There were hints that we thought had been left behind by master... but they weren't. When we got to the final destination we found only a note, mocking us. It just said: "Nope, not here!" It had a smiley face on it and was signed "Susan" ... I'm going to try and talk to master later tonight and ask him about this...


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Closing in.

Believe me. We are getting closer. Oh, so much closer. I can almost smell your blood and imagine it's warm cascading flow at this very moment.

Anonymous here...

Falling asleep listening to some more of Renard's music, and decided to share one of their songs. This is from his pseudonym "The Queenstons" The "band" is made up of Renard Queenston and Jackal Queenston. I think. = P

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And Once More.

Anonymous here...

Welcome TheShadyLady. Always good to see a new face around here. = )

Give us a quick introduction to yourself.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Decided to Dance.

Anonymous here...

Tikka and I decided to dance a little to get our spirits up. Guess what I decided we should dance to? The soundtrack to Voodoo Vince. It's all Gypsy Jazz, making it a little hard to dance to. It's mostly swung 4/4 time. We had a blast. = )

God it was fun. ^w^ I've never danced like that before. It was really interesting.

Oh and later tonight we're going to hook up a LAN connection and play some Portal 2 Co-op together.

Forever Watchful~ Tikka

R.T. on Alder and N|LL

Input accepted. Commencing analysis.

Analysis: upload commencing. Upload complete. Analysis:

Subject: Alder. Status: Unstable. Abilities: Moderate. Emotional status: Strong. Threat level: Moderate. Intelligence level: Low. Potential: Moderate. Danger: Moderate.

Analysis: upload commencing. Upload complete. Analysis:

Subject: N|LL. Status: Semi-stable. Abilities: Moderate. Emotional status: Strong. Threat level: Moderate. Intelligence level: Moderate. Potential: Moderate. Danger: High.

HAHAHAHA Oh my god yes. X D

Well Alder, seems that R.T. Has the same opinion of you that I have.

You're a moron who's moderately strong, and quite unstable. : )

As far as N|LL, yup that sounds about right.


Huh... well I have to say, this is interesting. Having an AI around on these blogs will be very cool I think. = ) As long as we keep it out of the wrong hands. *cough cough* PTC *cough*

Here's a copied version of RT's analysis of me and Tikka.

Input accepted. Commencing analysis.

Analysis: upload commencing. Upload complete. Analysis:

Subject: Drake "Anonymous" [Full Name Not Found]. Status: Stable. Abilities: Competent. Emotional status: Strong. Threat level: Moderate. Intelligence level: Moderate. Potential: High. Danger: High.

Input accepted. Commencing analysis.

Analysis: upload commencing. Upload complete. Analysis:

Subject: Tikka [Full Name Not Found]. Status: Stable. Abilities: Competent. Emotional status: Strong. Threat level: Moderate. Intelligence level: Moderate. Potential: High. Danger: Moderate.

Hmm... Abilities: Competent... *shrugs* I guess my physical abilities are about that, but I also see you put my Potential as high, that at least accounts for my magic, and I appreciate that.


STATEMENT: What's the difference between Threat and Danger?

Intelligence level Moderate? -_- ... I'd say I'd be at least above average. Other than that I'd probably agree with you.

Today Drake and I are going to email Raz and see how he's doing and see if my amulet helped at all. Hopefully it did. ^_^

Forever Watchful~ Tikka

Sunday, April 24, 2011

So bored...

Anonymous here...

I'm actually probably going to go to bed in a little while... that's how bored I am... god damn...

Hey guys, yeah I'm gonna put on a movie and I think we'll just go to bed for now. We're still safe, and so far, no sign of movement anywhere near us. ^_^

Forever Watchful~ Tikka

Another new person.

Anonymous here...

Hello Mystery, welcome to my blog. (and if you're a hollowed, FUCK OFF, but otherwise, you're cool with me. = D )

Nothing has been happening on my end, we've been able to keep our hiding place very well hidden, and so far, we haven't even had any close calls. = ) Well... excluding the whole pictures thing... But yeah, nothing else has happened... so... I'll see you all around.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wait... FRAP?!

Anonymo- oh fuck it



You better freaking reply and comment on this frap. Seriously.

Wow still up.

Anonymous here...

I noticed I have a new follower. (sorry I don't do shout outs all the time when new people follow me, for awhile it was happening a lot so I just forgot to, but this is the first new person in a little while.) Hi alley! Nice to meet you. = ) Hope you're doing well and it's nice to see a new face around here.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Meeting with Raz/D

Anonymous here...

Well we met today, and everything went off without a single problem.

We met at the coordinates I sent him. God it was great seeing him and D again. I introduced them to Tikka. D took an instant liking to him. It was adorable. = ) Apparently Raz has managed to stay within the states, but has pretty much been all over, actually looping back on himself to confuse the hollowed following him.

So yeah, I'll be staying in contact with him hopefully now and if something important happens to him I'll post about it.

Oh my god D was so cute! It was kind of strange how all that seemed to happen was Raz started carrying himself in a different way, but the voice was so different when D was in control.

I gave them an amulet that I made for them. It is used to conceal oneself from other's mental perception, and hopefully that'll help them hide from the hollowed... we'll see. =D

Forever Watchful~ Tikka

Oh and as a sidenote: Raz and D are from the blog "Not Quite Doomed". Right now their blog title though is "We are not Doomed..."