Monday, May 2, 2011

I was reading R.T.'s blog and came across this question and answer and just thought it was really interesting.

I was wondering if you could explain deceased entity known as "big brother"

Input accepted. Response: An omniscient entity that has also gone by the names "The Beholder" and "The Watcher". Big Brother could not read minds, but could see most everything.


Heh... so 1984? I see that you labeled it as deceased... hmm... I guess in a sense it is, 1984 came and went without a true Big Brother, so now it's technically "dead".


  1. I am amused by the symbolism.

    That said though, once again, you win awesome points for playing Etrian Odyssey 3. ^^

  2. I'm glad you guys are alright. I was starting to get worried even if your proxy stalkers were having no luck.

  3. @AS Same here. X D

    lol thanks. Yeah, all I knew going into the game was that you got to draw your own maps and I was all like "FUCK YEAH!" It's such a great game. = )

    @Mystery Yeah, don't worry, I've set up a system just incase something does happen. So if something goes down, you'll all know. Otherwise, you can be pretty sure we're okay. = )

    ~Eternally Anonymous~

  4. Input accepted. Response: The character "Big Brother" in the novel 1984 was based off of the Beholder or the Watcher. Common culture has likened them together and thus the names have become more or less synonymous.