Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Still loud but not pushing

Anonymous here...

The sigil is holding up very well. He doesn't seem too intent on escaping... probably cause this is only a small part of him... but whatever...

So yeah, other than that, it's also been very quiet recently... I mean so far we've encountered no proxies or hollowed or Him. We've also set up a lot of spells, wards, and actually a few traps around the apartment. Believe me, only the hollowed or proxies will be setting these off, so the other people here in the apartment complex will be safe.


  1. Lucky you, no proxies or hollowed.

    and no Slender man either....
    I'm happy for you, keep it up, keep us posted I'll be watching all night every night.


  2. Tikka, Drake

    Are you well?
    I was reading through your old post last night well I was up.
    I'm so sorry for what happened to Drake, I could Never imagine ever going through anything like that.

    Keep strong,If you need anything ever tell me.
    I'll try my best to help


  3. @ I_L Yeah we're okay right now. Drake is asleep and I'm just checking up on the sigil and making sure it's not coming off or weakening. Everything seems okay right now... yeah... It was kind of traumatizing seeing Drake when I first found him outside of the woods... there was a lot of blood on him... But he seems to be doing better now... He actually has gotten over this remarkably quickly... So yeah, we're okay right now, I'll post sometime tomorrow. See you all then.

    Forever Watchful~ Tikka