Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I can't breath

Ecko just told me who the newest follower is... it... it says "Susan-LOST-". I can't breath...

If... if it's her... maybe... maybe I can help her... I want to help her... I... I couldn't do anything before... but maybe I can help now... I don't know... Please Susan, if that's you, please say something...


  1. I'm here Drake, and I've missd you so much. I still can't come and see you yet, but know that I'm not to far away. I promise to give you a BIG hug when I finalley get to see you again! I love you big brother! <3

  2. This is adorable. Thank god SOMETHING good happened in the Slendyverse.

  3. Susan, I... I can't believe you're okay... I'm just so happy... I love you too, and can't wait to finally get to see you again... I promise I'll keep you safe from now on... no matter what...

    ~Eternally Anonymous~

    On a side-note from me, I don't like this, and I plan on keeping an eye out... I mean... the last we knew of Susan, she was obviously under His control... and her blog seems to lean towards her still being under His control.

    {Eckos in the halls}

  4. Towords Dia. Agread! I've missed my brother so much, and soon I'll finally be able to see him again!

    Towords my amazeing big brother. I know you'll keep me saef... I'm not afraid anymore.

    Towords Ecko. You don't have to worry.