Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Went out and bought a comic series.

This is Ecko.

I went out today and saw a miniseries that caught my eye. I decided to read it a little in the store (SO SUE ME!) and I really liked the premise for it. It's kind of like In the Mouth of Madness (favorite john carpenter film of all time) but it's made by Stephen King. The basis is the question "what if madness was contagious?" The series is called "N." I totally recommend it and it's only 4 comics long.

*edit* Oh and by today I meant on Monday. (Just realized it's Tuesday)


  1. You should check out Locke & Key. That is an incredible series.

    But as for madness being contagious, humans are a lot like rats socially. And studies have been done with rats that show when they overpopulate, they go mad and then start killing one another. So madness is contagious in a sense. Seems to me, if there's a place where it might be catching, it's cities.

  2. Mob mentality, or herd behavior if you want to get technical.


    We're a very, ah, violent and stupid race.

  3. @Mystery I actually have a few issues from the shadow crown part of the story.

    Hmm true, but this madness is different, I'll explain in my reply to Dia

    @Dia Yeah, that's what Mystery was describing, but in N and In the Mouth of Madness, the insanity is caused by a thing, like in N is caused by this specific place, and in In the Mouth of Madness it's caused by a book.

    {Eckos in the halls}

  4. Madness is an interesting concept. But He makes us mad enough without reading about it..