Sunday, April 24, 2011

Another new person.

Anonymous here...

Hello Mystery, welcome to my blog. (and if you're a hollowed, FUCK OFF, but otherwise, you're cool with me. = D )

Nothing has been happening on my end, we've been able to keep our hiding place very well hidden, and so far, we haven't even had any close calls. = ) Well... excluding the whole pictures thing... But yeah, nothing else has happened... so... I'll see you all around.


  1. Ha! No, not hollowed, not proxied, not a changeling. Check my blog and see. ;-) I'd be seriously disappointed in myself if I gave in after all these years.

    My name, if that's what made you wonder, refers to my study of ancient religions, particularly mystery cults. The avatar I've also had for some time -before certain recent youtube videos wherein a similar likeness appears. I'm thinking of suing SM for defamation of character... I do not think my odds on that end are very good though.

  2. Ah, okay well it's good to see another new face around here then. = )

    Ooooh, okay. Well it'll be good to have someone who knows a decent amount about cults, etc. around here. lol yeah, the chances of that ending well would be very little.

    ~Eternally Anonymous~