Friday, April 22, 2011

Meeting with Raz/D

Anonymous here...

Well we met today, and everything went off without a single problem.

We met at the coordinates I sent him. God it was great seeing him and D again. I introduced them to Tikka. D took an instant liking to him. It was adorable. = ) Apparently Raz has managed to stay within the states, but has pretty much been all over, actually looping back on himself to confuse the hollowed following him.

So yeah, I'll be staying in contact with him hopefully now and if something important happens to him I'll post about it.

Oh my god D was so cute! It was kind of strange how all that seemed to happen was Raz started carrying himself in a different way, but the voice was so different when D was in control.

I gave them an amulet that I made for them. It is used to conceal oneself from other's mental perception, and hopefully that'll help them hide from the hollowed... we'll see. =D

Forever Watchful~ Tikka

Oh and as a sidenote: Raz and D are from the blog "Not Quite Doomed". Right now their blog title though is "We are not Doomed..."