Friday, April 1, 2011

Team Magick Assignment

Anonymous here...

Hi, my name is Drake. I've been looking at and reading slender blogs for a long time and just last year I started helping Raz over at Not Quite Doomed with his puzzles. Well I eventually decided to create a blog and have been trying my best to stay alive and safe.

... My sister has been hollowed... I don't know where she is...

I have my own proxy who's after me. His name is Alder. He's kind of a dick, and recently we've been trading blows.

I'm a believer and practitioner of Wicca, and have found a weapon that can hurt... or at least scratch Him... unfortunately it has very bad negative effects on my mind... so I try to not use it very much.

Now I'm staying with my friend Tikka and hopefully we can stay safe now...


  1. Good job! You will get a cookie when we meet up!