Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Susan was moved

Anonymous here...

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Ecko put the coordinates into google maps. apparently it's in a forest in Washington... I... I can't let her be alone... I can't let anything happen to her... damn it... I know this is just what He wants... but I can't just let her go... I've worked too hard to keep her safe... and... and after losing her before... I... I can't let her go... (this was transcribed word for word, I knew he wouldn't be able to focus his thoughts very well, so I thought just writing it all down would be a good idea.)

This is Ecko.

So... Drake is hard set on going to Washington and going to these coordinates... Of course I can't in good conscious let him go alone. You might think that I'd just force him to stay here... but I've known Drake for quite awhile... I know I can't stop him... even in his current condition, that wouldn't stop him from trying to go there... so... we're going to wrap up a few things here... and we'll probably be heading out tomorrow or Thursday. 

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  1. Sorry for disappearing, guys. Do what you need to, you've got my full support. If you need anything, money, weapons, etc. just take it for your trip. And keep in touch, I don't think I'll be making it in time for your departure so if I don't see you best of luck.

    And stay safe, dears.