Sunday, March 6, 2011

About a song I had playing during one of my recordings.

Anonymous here...

The one that was made by the artist Klippa. He is one of the many artists under the label LapFox Trax.

To explain how I found this, I have an ex who was a furry and we still talk, so one day he (yes he, my first, and to this date, only boyfriend) gave me a link to the website and I listened to some of the music and really took a liking to it. Renard is the main artist and all of the artists (I heard tell that they are all really Renard, but I don't know if this is true) are furries. So yeah, hate or love furries, the music is damn good. 

I'll paste the link to the website right below. Go ahead and check them out, a lot of the albums are free. (or "name your price" meaning you CAN get them for free, or give him money for it.) 

I personally recommend Star Road by Kitsune² Oh and as a sidenote, I heard that Renard is Canadian. = ) Canada rocks! X )

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