Wednesday, March 2, 2011

All quiet on the midwestern front.

Nothing happened today. Not a thing. It was refreshing actually. I got some really good rest too. I'm just up cause I've been doing laundry for the past couple of hours.

Last night... As you can tell from what all Alder has said (the hell was with him using a fake robotic voice for the tumblr thing?) He was at the cabaret. Not only was he there, he was the fucking emcee... He was even wearing his mask... Down below I'll show a picture of a drawing I did of what it looks like. He said nothing as I came out on stage he merely looked over the crowd before finding me. He stopped looking around and stared right at me as he pulled off his mask, smiling widely. I don't know him personally, but apparently he's been the emcee for that cabaret for quite awhile. I asked someone later and they said he'd been sick for quite awhile and only recently come back... so I'm guessing that was during the time he was being hollowed... Anyway, he sang. He sang Willkommen from the movie/play cabaret... But yeah... he acted like a normal emcee beyond that... Though everytime he put on the mask he went completely silent and not a single sound escaped him...

Well afterwards I went backstage to go try and confront him. When I opened the door to his dressing room he wasn't there... but He was... I just stood there... staring at him... unable to move... I can tell that he's really pissed off about what I did... the whole killing off a few of his proxies with relative ease... All of a sudden I feel a change in the energy and I can see the air warping around him. Within a few seconds, he's gone. I decided to leave after that...

So yeah, here's the drawing.

The X over the mouth area was done with spray paint as far as I could tell and the eyes were done with a nicer paint. (Of course this isn't a perfect replica of what it looked like because the pattern under the eye looked like fire and I can't remember every little curve of it)


  1.'re okay then? THAT'S good. Wow, it feels like that's the only thing I've been saying. But it's super duper awesome. Also? That is the creeeeepiest picture I've ever seen. No, now I'm thinking of the Slender Man putting makeup on in his dressing room. Stay alive, D. *Joce

  2. Yeah I'm all good.

    Yeah I know, I was really disturbed when I saw him wearing that onstage.

    Haha nice. (mental image= fucking hilarious)

    Oh please don't call me D. If you don't know why just look at Raz's blog Not Quite Doomed. (Unfortunately Raz is going underground now and won't be posting anymore. *sadface*)

    ~Eternally Anonymous~

  3. Alright, then. I'll keep it in mind. *Joce