Monday, March 14, 2011

Before you ask

Anonymous here...

I've been sick. REALLY sick.

Like for the past three days I've had a temp floating around 100.2 degrees. FML.

Also looking at any kind of screen made my eyes start tearing up and really hurting, but I decided I should just let you all know I'm okay. 

Also, saw that Sammie deleted all her posts... I have nothing to say... (okay one thing, it disturbs me... I know she gave up, but now it's like she never existed... it really bothers me... I mean... god... she was very important to me and Raz... and now they're both gone...)

I'm getting a little better and will probably be okay by tomorrow, but we'll see... hmm... Alder hasn't been very active either... weird... Oh I swear to god if he's planning something... I'm way too tired and sick to deal with his shit...

Edit: Oh and welcome Elizabeth Thompson. = )


  1. Just be glad that you're not dealing with him while you're sick. That would suck.

  2. Oh my god no kidding.

    ~Eternally Anonymous~

  3. Hope I didn't pass on my cold/flu/whatever it was. I second Amalgamation. That would be.... hell in a handbag.

  4. lol I'm sure you didn't. Though I do wonder where it came from... maybe it's just all the stress I've been under...

    yeah... here's hoping that it doesn't happen. *takes drink from gatorade*

    ~Eternally Anonymous~