Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I just woke up...

Anonymous here...

So yeah... from what Alder has posted you can guess what happened... I went out there... and he was waiting... like he said, I got three good punches in, right to his gut and solar plexus... but he got right back up as if it were nothing and proceeded to hand me my ass...

Well I just woke up and I was back in my room. I looked outside and my car is gone, only a big burn mark is left on the ground. So I guess they decided to move it... I don't know... Seems strange to me...

I'm too tired to be angry anymore...

I'll just go around and reply to comments and I'm gonna go back to bed for now...


  1. Drake...
    Gods, thy burned and stole your car? That's nice, then you don't have to have a shitty burned car.
    Go get some coffee, or eat some sugar. You need to keep your spirits up! If you have a t.v., then turn on a good show, or watch a movie.
    Alder is a sick bastard, officialy. If he was drowning, I'd push him under. Seriously.

  2. The good news: Your insurance will totally cover theft and arson. If they ever find the actual body of the car, he might have left fingerprints. If the cops open a case, and this guy has a record, you might be able to find out who he is. Nothing is quite as sweet as being able to shout someone's real name at them. It's quite intimidating against people who fight from the shadows like this turkey. Hang in there.

    Remember for future fights: The first rule of fighting unarmed is to find a weapon. Don't go mano e mano unless you know you have an edge or a weapon. He gave you a good beating, but lets see how he does once you introduce him to your good buddy Mr. Louisville Slugger. ;D

  3. @Shelby Yeah they did. *shrugs* I guess it's good.
    I have a cup of coffee right now and I'm eating pop tarts. So I'll feel better soon enough.
    Yeah... He's kinda creative in his tormenting me.

    @AmalgamationSage True. I don't think I'll go to the cops with this one... I doubt they could help at all. I mean... They'll do their initial investigation, but I'll let it just die after that.
    (to: Hang in there) I'm trying my best. = )

    True. I should have grabbed the Athame.

    ~Eternally Anonymous~

  4. Good, that's good! What flavor poptarts?
    -_- Bad guys are meant to be stupid, dammit.

  5. Oreo. X3

    Heh not always it seems...

    ~Eternally Anonymous~