Monday, December 27, 2010

Another spirit update.

Rose: I think I saw her out in my backyard earlier. If it was her, she was running around in my garden. Yes I have a garden. X ) It's where I grow my herbs.

Problem Sleuth: Nowhere to be found. He'll probably show up soon enough

Lily: She hasn't really shown up either.

Knight: throwing things around as always. X )

Overall it has been pretty quiet around here since I performed that protection spell.


  1. I'm glad everything has returned to your normal over there.

    And if it was Rose, at least it sounds like she's having a little bit of fun :3

  2. Anonymous here...

    Yeah... It's nice seeing everything calm down... But I'm worried about my sister...

    Lol yeah Rose is just a child after all.

  3. Your sister. She isn't referring to our favorite Tall Man in a Dark Suit is she?

    Yeah, that was what I was thinking. It's good she can still have her youthful moments.

  4. Anonymous here...

    She might... she hasn't talked to me that much... that's why I'm going to make her a make-shift amulet that will provide her a little protection.

  5. Okay. Well, maybe she'll decide to be more specific on her blog soon.