Monday, December 27, 2010

My little sis's blog.

Anonymous here...

My little sister is making a blog because our parents had her see a child psychologist and the child psychologist thought it would be good for her to keep a journal of some sort so they're having her make it. Her blog is over at She's only ten years old so please behave if you comment on her blog, or I'll find you and kill you myself.


  1. 0.0 I will have to be careful than xD Looks like I'll have to try and curb my internet potty mouth habits~

    I know your name now Anon~ Not that I'll share it, I'm just trying to joke around~ (Just in case you think I'm being creepy, I read the comments on your sister's blog).

  2. Anonymous here...

    Oh I know, it's fine. Yeah for those of you who want to know it, it's Drake. Yes that's my legal name. I had it changed when I moved out of my parents house.

  3. It's a cool name, either was.

    *Smacks self for thinking: 'Anon, Drake Anon'* Please forgive me for the stupid movie reference.

  4. Anonymous here...

    Lol, thanks. Yeah, my parents weren't too thrilled when I changed it, but honestly I thought Robert was kind of boring.

    *facepalm for lame joke* XD

  5. Well, parents can't have everything under their control once you're out of the house. Do you ever get confused when someone is talking to a Robert, now?

    *blush* Sorry. *hangs head in shame*