Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Spirits.

Anonymous here...

Okay, like I said in my comments before, I believe there are four spirits in our house.

The first and most active is a little girl, she wears a light pink dress (or that's how it appears when she shows herself). She steals things all the time, she almost acts like a poltergeist, but she isn't as violent as one. She showed up really recently.

Second there's a man. He always shows up wearing a suit (no he's not Slendy, don't worry) and a fedora, and occasionally he'll be wearing a trench coat. I, personally, think he's a P.I. but honestly I can't be sure. He will just occasionally show up, walking down one of the hallways, or standing at the top of the stairs.

Third there's a woman. She's dressed pretty normally, from what I can tell when I see her. She wears blue jeans and a light green t-shirt. Her hair is blond and goes just past her shoulders. Honestly she's very pretty. She has only shown up recently and only shown herself about three times.

The fourth... I've never actually seen, though it seems like it might be male... or it could just be a poltergeist. It throws things around occasionally (it's the one who knocked over the candle last night).

I'll name them now.

First: Rose (like a pink rose. = ) )

Second: Problem Sleuth (I love ms Paint adventures)

Third: Lily (don't know why, just think it kind of fits her)

Fourth: Knight (maybe naming him something noble will make him act that way. XD )

That's all for now. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! =D


  1. That's pretty cool! xD

    If I have any spirits in my home, they're all nice and don't do much, probably because I'm more than willing to admit that'd scare the hell out of me.

    At least they don't seem too violent?

  2. Anonymous here...

    Yeah. X ) Overall they seem fairly peaceful... though they all seem pretty restless... like they don't particularly have business with me, but do have business. God damn it... Knight's acting up again... I can hear books falling off the shelf in the room down the hall (It's my personal library).

    Just yelled for him to knock it off, guess what? He stopped. I knew Knight was a good boy at heart. XD

  3. It is strange... Rose and Lily... Heehee. Problem Sleuth.