Monday, December 20, 2010

Hey, Anonymous here...

Yeah, this is the Anonymous who's been following Not Quite Doomed and Everything I See. Hello there!

I did this just so I can comment on Everything I See, since you can't be truly anonymous there. =) So yeah, I probably won't be posting on this blog at all, just helping out my internet buddies out there.


  1. Sorry Anon, I have no idea HOW to change that setting. I'm touched you did this for me, but no reason to get yourself this much involved.

  2. Anonymous here...

    Heh, it's no problem. I love working on puzzles, and Slendy stuff is always full of it. You may not have seen him yet, but it's obvious that he's going to play some role in your life, and I'm really worried about Raz so yeah, I'm going to be helping you two as much as I can.

  3. Yes, well true. I like puzzles myself, but I can be lazy at time. So me actually sticking to my current one is... A bit shocking for my lazy self xD

    I'm worried about Raz as well, but I have faith in him.

    And I'm really hoping Captain Planet will remain a character in a horror series for me, and Raz if just pulling a -really mean- practical joke (Hey, that scenario means both me and Raz+co. are fine). One can dream, right?

  4. Anonymous here...

    Heh, I'm a puzzle fanatic. I like to play things like Braid and Dr. Layton.

    Same here. He seems strong.

    God, I hope.