Sunday, December 26, 2010

Protection Spell

Anonymous here...

As requested by Kiki. Here's the protection spell I use.

I use a mortar and pestle on coriander and holly. Once they are thoroughly mixed I burn them and walk around the outside of my house, trying to make as perfect a circle as I can. (also make sure to carry the burning mixture with you in the mortar) As I walk along I repeat this spell over and over. "O presence of which I sense, you are not welcome within my home. You shall feel no harm from me, but may never enter this blessed circle which I create."

So yeah, it seems to have worked. I can see the stars again and Rose is back and I can hear Knight knocking things around again.


  1. Hm. I can't say I would have thought ghosts were an amazingly effective alert system, but I suppose if you have them, they would work as well as any sort of animal.

    ...Has anyone actually looked hard at how animals can warn of being stalked by anyone more malicious and otherworldly than muggers? I know in the prologue or first post of Marble Hornets, the dog was made really nervous and freaked out. Animals go silent and flee at the presence of a predator - silent woods, I assume, would be the worst ones to go into. I keep my rabbit out in my room at night in the hopes of hearing him dash like hell back into his cage with a great deal of noise if anything comes up.

    Paranoid, no?

    Your rituals seem quite interesting! I've always been intrigued by paganism, especially calling back to old mythology such as kismeticism and Asturi, but Wicca also is fun to learn about.

  2. Thank you, Anon, for posting this :3

    And I'm glad it worked.

  3. Anonymous here...

    Yeah, the spirits always seem to go into hiding if something is wrong.

    Animals seem to be far more adept at noticing something being horribly wrong than humans. Especially with things that are "supernatural."

    lol. Not paranoid, smart. = )

    Thanks. All of my spells I've made up on my own, though the herbs and symbols I use are more traditional when it comes to Wicca.

    @Kiki You're welcome!

    Yeah, I knew it would. It's a pretty powerful spell.