Sunday, December 26, 2010

Spirit update-

Anonymous here...

Rose- Saw her standing in the corner of my room. I think she was crying and I think I saw red on her stomach, though it could have just been the lighting.

Problem Sleuth- Walked down the hallway when I was coming up the stairs. I almost 'bumped' into him. He looked like he was definitely looking for something, and had an idea of where he was going.

Lily- She was sitting in the chair downstairs and was sobbing. I could faintly hear something that sounded like really heavy crying too, though it could have been just the wind, though I doubt it.

Knight- little bastard knocked my speakers off my desk while I was sitting here watching youtube videos. He really needs to be taught a lesson.


  1. That sounds interesting.

    Poor Rose and Lily though.I hope they feel better.

    And maybe Sleuth needs to find something so he can rest in peace? Just a thought. Good luck with them!

  2. Anonymous here...

    Yeah, they're very sad... one of them seems sad more just because she's dead (Rose)... the other seems to be missing something, you can see it in her eyes (Lily).

    Probably... I'm gonna look around the upstairs just incase I can find whatever he's looking for.