Friday, January 21, 2011

Another dream.

Anonymous here...

I guess I'll post another one of my dreams on here...

[redacted for false information]

I come around in a chair, strapped down. I'm in a basement area... like the one I dreamt of before. I hear something in the darkness infront of me. I see... Him... he's standing there... his tentacles moving behind him. I scream something at him... I don't remember... and he's suddenly infront of me. He breaks the straps that are holding me down and picks me up with his tentacles. I writhe in his grip and try to reach the Athame. He tries to grab it and shrieks in pain as he touches it, throwing me across the room. As I land I pick up the Athame, which had fallen from my pocket, and stand up as fast as I can. He's gone... I suddenly hear the sound of rushing water and look towards it, seeing water doing just that, rushing towards me, as I'm swept away I slam against the ceiling, it is not gone like last time... I get small gulps of air as I'm swept along. I see the end of the tunnel and know I can get out if I can just stay conscious long enough to get to the end of the tunnel. as I reach the end I'm pushed up by the water and slam my head against the very edge of the tunnel at it's exit and-

I wake up...

That's it... I'm gonna head to bed... see you all tomorrow.

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