Wednesday, January 5, 2011

last night.

Anonymous here...

Nothing bad, don't worry. I just think I found what Problem Sleuth was trying to find. I tripped while coming up the stairs and slammed into the wall infront of the stairs on the second floor. Well... I fell through the wall. To be more specific the wall gave way in a small area and I fell through. It was a small crawlspace built in between the wall and the closet on the other side.

I found something inside... kinda weird... It's a stick, looks to be oak, and has some latin written on it. I'll copy it here. one second...


I went ahead and translated it. it says "to destroy evil and protect your body." I'm assuming because of what it says and how it looks, it's a wand... wow... I feel like I'm in Harry Potter... well... if it's important enough for a ghost to want to find it, it must be powerful.

I'm gonna go show Susan now I think... I wanted to make sure it wasn't evil or anything, but the inscription makes me think that it's good.


  1. Uhhhh. Wand?

    *thinks of that stupid not she was trying to decode*

    That's... Really unique Anon. And that sounds awesome. Have you considered maybe he wanted -you- to find it, Anon? Keep it safe from Knight.

  2. yeah... honestly that's what it looks like, no kidding.

    Yeaaah... he might have... lol yeah, I don't want Knight trying to hide it. XD

    ~Eternally Anonymous~

  3. That's cool. Look at your sister's blog.

    Yeah, that would be bad!