Sunday, January 23, 2011


Anonymous here...

Great song, cool video, and sweet rapper. (and I hate rap. XD )

Yeah, Raz, D, and I are having a hard time sleeping. Right now we're all singing along to this song. It's weird with Raz and D though, cause their voice changes so rapidly that it sounds like they're singing at the same time. They'll apparently be posting something up on their blog soon too. We'll see what it is. =)

Edit: Welcome JeanK nice to see a new face around here.

I just read what Raz and D posted. Yeah... they want me to try and help them kill... Him... I can't just let my little sister get taken away... I have to try something... and maybe with Raz and D's help...  We can at least put a dent in him...

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  1. Anon, if you try that, you two better come back okay, alright?

    Do your best to stay safe. Please try to have any attack plan as well thought out as possible.

    You three have been great to me. I'd hate to see anything happen to you guys.

    Stay strong, stay safe.