Saturday, January 15, 2011

The other dream.

Anonymous here...

So yeah... this is my most recent nightmare...

I wake up in my bed, like one would after dreaming, and slowly get up, getting changed into some real clothes, and head downstairs. As I enter the kitchen I freeze as I see that the entire kitchen is covered in blood, floor to ceiling, everything is coated in a thick layer of blood, so much so that there's even blood dripping off of the ceiling. I'm completely stunned, but as I hear a noise at the front door I wheel around and run to the front door, locking it as I get there. I hear someone bang on the door and yell "Open up Drake. It's me!" I don't recognize the voice. Suddenly I hear a loud scream and blood splatters up against the door. (my front door has a pain of colored glass in the middle, so I could see the blood...) I stumble back and as I get to the stairs I trip and hit the back of my head against the stairs, making me black out.

As I come around I realize I'm in some kind of basement looking place. I slowly get up (I was laying down when I 'woke up') I hear water dripping somewhere and can feel water on the floor. (I'm not wearing shoes for some reason) Suddenly I hear a rushing sound and get hit by what feels like a wall of water, completely submerging me. I swim upwards as fast as I can, realizing that the ceiling is no longer there. 

As I break the surface I find myself in a lake, with a forest surrounding it. I quickly swim to shore and look around. There's a light fog so the far side of the lake is hard to see, but I can tell that there's no docks or anything and all around is forest. I decide there's really nothing to do but head into the forest (stupid idea) and do so. After about what feels like five minutes or so of walking I hear a twig break nearby and turn to look towards the sound. Standing there is... Susan... but... she's wearing a mask... yes before you ask... it was a Hollowed mask... I start screaming that it can't be, that she can't be turned, that it's impossible, I worked so hard, I watched so closely, but then... she starts walking towards me... slowly... but steadily... closing the distance... I step back and bump into something. I know wha-... who it is... I see his arms reach out infront of me and suddenly close in around my chest, causing a few of my ribs to break, guessing from how much it hurt, almost giving me a... hug of sorts... The pressure is almost unbearable... I can barely breath. As the world starts to go dark I see Susan reach out towards me...

and I wake up...

That's all... I'm going to go to bed... I guess... I'll be on for a bit more... so... whatever...

Oh... and Knight says hello... he set up a series of books that when you read the first word of the title of each in the stack, it spelled out a sentence. It said "tell the readers that I -said- hi" The "said" I inserted because it didn't have that in there, but I'm guessing he wanted that in there, but couldn't find a book that had Said as it's first word.

Edit: oh... and welcome John...


  1. Oh -shit- Anon. *offers hug* That's one hell of a nightmare. But, I'm sure that's all it it. *tries to sound confident*

    Awwww, that's really sweet of Knight. Tell him I said Hi back and I hope he's doing well :3

  2. *gladly takes hug* thanks... yeah... It left me in a cold sweat... definitely not good... that was the cold pizza induced one... not going to be doing that again anytime soon...

    Heh... yeah... apparently he can read cause as I'm sitting here he's moving books again (just going to mention again, he's a VERY active poltergeist, and an intelligent one to boot). Uhhh... this one saaays... heh he had to get creative with how he blocked the first words of each book so it spelled out the sentence, way to go knight.

    Hello. I am well. Nice to meet you.



    Oooookaaay. So he just decided to type that all out. Kinda scary seeing my keys going down on their own. Heh, oh well. Thanks knight. I appreciate it.

    ~Eternally Anonymous~

  3. Yeesh. Note to self, no cold Pizza right before bed, I'd rather not copy that.

    It's really cool that you two can have a peaceful relationship like that. Besides, at least he just made himself seem like an awesome poltergiest.

    @Knight: It's nice to meet you too :3 Thanks for taking care of Drake, I'm admittedly starting to get attatched to him and his sister. I'm sure you'll live up to you're name ;3

  4. drakeisgoingtobed.








  5. Thanks. I appreciate it <3

    I don't know what to tell you xD I'm not... Technically dealing with what Anon is *knocks on wood*. I'm pretty boringly psycho, honestly. Well, that and I have the self esteem matching a rock.

    That kinda sucks that you don't know where you came from. I'm glad you at least enjoy Anon's company. Do you get along alright with the other spirits in the house?

  6. note




  7. ... Knight... I... I think I know the little girl and Lily... The little girl sounds like the one I killed... and Lily... she... if she misses someone with a name that starts with J... that could be me... my real name that is... I... I don't know what else to say... I... I'm going to head out now and get back on the road...

    Raz P.

  8. @Knight: Thanks <3 I try my best to be nice(most of the time).

    Awww, poor Rose. She sounds so cute. And poor Lily, I hope she finds whoever she misses eventually.

    It seems like problem Sleuth just wanted Anon to find the *Wants to say something incredibly dorky but will refrain from making herself look like a weirdo* Wand/stick thing. Maybe he's moved on?

    Are you enjoying your computer time? xD

  9. towardsrazputine





  10. xD I love Lolcats too. Than again, who doesn't? >w<

    I hope he doesn't get mad you were lurking through his files.

  11. Apologies for the late hello. I have never noticed it.