Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sorry everyone.

Anonymous here...

For not being on recently. I've been busy with school starting. God I hate this time of year... spending so much god damned money on school... *sigh* oh well. So um... Kiki! Tell me what's been going on this week since I don't have time to read through everyone's stuff.

please. X )

Knight has been laying low and not doing much recently, but Rose and Lily have been around a lot more. I even saw them sitting together talking. Raz, I have reasons to believe that you are right, that Lily is Rachel, and Rose is the little girl you killed while being controlled. Go ahead and comment on here if you see this so we can talk.

Edit: Oh, also last night I had an interesting dream so I might post that later.


  1. I'm in Oklahoma. Send an email to and have your address in it. I'm coming to visit. He's close... very close... I can't fight him alone... I think you can help... you have power... and that Willow Athame. I know you said it was just a stick, but the way I believe it will effect hollowed, and Him, based on your dream, which I believe to maybe be a vision of sorts, it seems to act as a blade, and you being Wiccan, I just thought it natural to call it an Athame.

    Raz P.

  2. Okay, I'll be there before one. I'm very close. See you then.

    Raz P.