Sunday, January 16, 2011

new dream...

Anonymous here...

Yeah... I just woke up... it was a nightmare... but... well... you'll see...

It started off with me standing outside my house, in the middle of the protection spell. I suddenly feel a horrible energy all around me, snuffing out my spell. I look towards the forest and all along the tree line I see people standing and looking at me... all of them wearing masks... In unison they take a long step forward. The energy becomes stronger... I stumble back, dropping my mortar and pestle which I had been using in the spell... They take another step forward, now only twenty feet from my house on almost every side... I get to my feet and look around, not sure what I can do. I know that if I go into my house I'll be trapped... I... I can't think... the energy... too powerful... suffocating... 

Suddenly I hear a window smash and I see the Willow Weapon fly out of my bedroom window and fall beside me. I quickly reach down and grab it. I look towards the people, who have taken several steps and are only a couple of feet from me. I quickly lung forward, stabbing the nearest person with the Willow Weapon. (I'm gonna shorten that to just WW from here on out) It seems to sink into them, but no blood comes out, only a black shadowy amorphous material... The person lets out a terrible shriek and collapses. All of the others take a large step back in obvious horror. I look around at them and grin, knowing that I now have a weapon to fight them with. I lung and tackle another person, stabbing them in the chest, causing them to "bleed" the black material and let out another horrible shriek.  

All at once the others turn and run, fleeing towards the forest. I get up and grin, watching them run away. I feel the energy lessen, but not leave. I look towards the house and see... Him... standing at my front door. "LEAVE MY PRESENCE FOUL BEAST! I BANISH THEE FROM THESE GROUNDS!" I scream, running at him, wielding the WW.  Just as I reach him he dissapears, but I can see the air visibly -warp- where he was just standing. I see the air slowly go back to normal and the energy completely leaves. I breath a sigh of relief... and pass out.

and then I wake up.

So... it started off as a nightmare... but... in the end... I KICKED ASS! WOOOO! GO TEAM HUMAN! God I'm just so pumped after that... I'm going to go cook myself a big breakfast. See ya!


  1. Sounds kinda awsome.
    Better than my last dream.
    Good luck Anon!

  2. Heh, yeah. It was pretty great.

    *goes to read your blog if you posted your dream on there*


    ~Eternally Anonymous~

  3. xD Go Anon!

    Jeeze, if I ever become a runner I know who I'm gonna try and meet up with xD

  4. I'm sorry you had a bad dream at least you won in the end! It's better than some of the dreams I've been having.....