Thursday, January 20, 2011

That f***ing b****

Anonymous here...

So... Susan showed up last night just as Raz did... you can read his, or Susan's blog to know what happened exactly.

This morning mom calls, freaking out cause Susan is missing, she's blaming me. I barely get to tell her that Susan is alright and over her before she starts yelling at me to bring Susan back.. well... I yelled back.... Susan didn't mention this... but I think she just doesn't like fighting.. So yeah.... mom came by just a little bit ago and picked her back up... I tried to show her the doll but she just ignored me...

I'm so F***ING ANGRY!!! God damn it... I just want my sister to be safe... is that too much to ask...





  1. Oh, God Anon, I'm so sorry.

    That kind of explains why they went to you,Anon. Maybe they knew Raz would go to you.

    @Knight: Spacebars have yet to jump up and attack. Maybe you could have Anon draw a smiley face on it for you? :3 Or put a sticker on?