Thursday, January 6, 2011


Anonymous here...

I looked up something yesterday. I looked up what different types of wood look like when dried. Well... the... er... wand *slaps self for using that term again* isn't made of oak. It's made of willow. So uh... Kiki... remember when you were unscrambling Raz's words? Well... one that came out was a word for willow (osier) and wand... so um... yeaaah... I don't know if it has significance with what you were unscrambling... just thought that it was interesting.


  1. Anon... I think wand is officially safe.

    *facedesk* So... I really should finish unscrambling that stupid thing...

    So, thanks for the paranoia boost =D

  2. lol okay.

    Yeaaah... sorry about that. '^_^

  3. Ooooh, also just looked at my little poll. Who's the hollowed?! If you see this, please comment!

  4. wands and spells?

    How real do you consider yourself?

  5. well as far as the spells go: I'm an active practitioner of Wicca and would like to say "fuck you" for questioning how "real" I consider myself.

    As far as the "wand": Yeah... I still regret using that word... It's just the first word that came to mind okay? It's a thin piece of wood that is smooth other than the latin words carved into it, so honestly the first word that came to mind was wand. If you have a better word other than "stick" then please let me know, I SERIOUSLY would like to use a different word.

    ~Eternally Anonymous~