Monday, January 31, 2011

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Anonymous said...

I'm not gone Sammie... But I'm afraid that Susan is in serious danger... I'm going to go check with mom and see where Susan is... We've been hiding that's why I haven't been on for the last few days. But something happened at the house. We decided to come back to the house and get a few more of my things and we found the front door busted in and blood trailing out from the kitchen all the way out the front door and onto the lawn where it just seemed to stop. I checked all around the house, but found nothing, so I grabbed my laptop and some clothes and now Raz and I are going to go talk to my mom. I'll post later if anything happens.

Oh and Alder, get the hell off my account. (goes to change password again)

See you all later.

Anonymous said...

She's gone. I can't find here at all... I'm not going to give myself up like Raz did... it wouldn't help anything... and if she's gone... I'll... I'll just... I'll keep going... there's nothing else for me to do.... Mom says she can't find her anywhere and the "Special Doctor" says that she stepped outside of the office for a second to go use the bathroom, and was gone. So I believe He really got her... and if He truly lays a hand on her... I swear to god I will kill Him and all of his little Proxy bitches.

~Eternally Anonymous~

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