Thursday, January 20, 2011

The doll.

So yeah, this is the doll that Susan had.. I'm worried... This is so fucking bad... It isn't supposed to happen this fast.... god damn it...

Raz and I are going to stay up and talk for awhile longer, but Susan is going to bed, which is for the best... for now at least...


  1. Fraggit!

    That's not a very good doll.

    A lot of it is discussed in my blog. I dunno if you've seen Thage or not. Scott's been translating her. Will got caught. Fizzy is still MIA. Stormys talking in code. Darby almost got caught last night. Slice found more pictures.

    Holly and I might be more important that we thought.

    You missed a lot. What day did you miss from again? And who do you follow? I'll give you a special wrap-up post after school today.

    Oh. C.A. is Darby now, and I'm Sammie now. That part is kinda important, huh?

  2. Wow... um... pretty much from sunday on I haven't read anything... jesus... things are going downhill fast... oh and I had a feeling you were more important than you thought. : )

    I follow a lot of people, just give a summary of the people you've mentioned here and anyone else you want to mention, k?

    ~Eternally Anonymous~

  3. @Anon: A feeling? xD Alright, I'll trust you.

    And I pre-wrote one in school. But first I'm writing about my day and than you get your review